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Now, you hopefully won't ever be guilty of a major crime or a racist tweet, but chances are, you're still doing things that hurt your personal brand. In fact, many budding entrepreneurs hurt their brand without even realizing it, says Lucas Miller.

Here are most of what you do that hurt your personal branding;

You routinely engage in excessive self-promotion.
Building a personal brand will obviously require a fair amount of self-promotion. But, if you're an endless self-promoter (especially online), you'll have a hard time gaining much of an audience. Too much self-promotion, and you'll be just another bland voice lost in the advertising mix.

You neglect traditional channels.
These days, most influencers are able to accrue a large following through blogging and social media. It can be tempting to think you're following in their footsteps when you do these same activities. But, old-fashioned, face-to-face interactions still provide a lot of value -- and if you ignore these, you will miss out on valuable opportunities to build your personal brand.

You don't separate yourself from your business.
Startup founders often put so much focus on building their brand's influence that they fail to fully distinguish their personal brand. You and your company are not the same entity -- don't mistake building your startup for personal branding. If you leave the company behind, those branding efforts won't carry over to your next endeavor.

You have poor social media habits.
These days, social media is a key part of building your personal brand. This is especially true of those hoping to become thought leaders in their niche. But, if you've spent any time on the internet, you know just how easy it can be to get sidetracked in a controversial debate. It's better to stay away from these touchy subjects.
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