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#1 » by nuesednutlofa Premium (β3765) » November 13th, 2018, 3:42 am

...This is so disheartening.


Teenage girl who lives in a refuse dump site in Lagos gets medical help after a Facebook user raised alarm(Photos)A Nigerian woman, Julesville Omalicha on Facebook raised concern on social media over teenage girl who lives in a trash site in Lagos and her viral post got the homeless girl medical attention.

According to her, ‘I recently started seeing this little girl, a teenager roaming the streets of Ajegunle. And i will be wondering where she came from, where her parents or guardians are? Thinking of how to help her.

I stopped one day to make friends with her. I brought out 100 naira to give her and see if i can elicit any info from her.

But she ran off before i got to where she was standing. Today, i saw her sleeping on a heap of refuse at New road bus stop, Bale street, Ajegunle.

This place is close to St Charles Catholic church and the Local government Chairman’s family house.

I took the first pic. Then went closer. She is still breathing.

I think she is sick’. Following her outcry, the girl was evacuated by the state emergency team and she’s currently responding to treatment.My Chairman sent me messages with pictures of the girl’s evacuation.


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Que Sera Sera
Wetin We Gain

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#2 » by nuesednutlofa Premium (β3765) » November 13th, 2018, 3:43 am

I pray she gets well

Que Sera Sera
Wetin We Gain

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