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Are you visting Akure soon and you want a reliable review of the best hotels in Akure Ondo State to help you decide? This article will help so look no further. Below I present to you the best hotels in Akure with the leader first followed by others.


1. Grand Capital Hotel Akure
Without a doubt, Grand Capital is the leader and numero uno in hospitality and accommodation business in Akure Ondo state. Owned and run by gurus of the hospitality business itself, Grand Capital came with a world-class taste and strategy you will love to remember.

Apart from being located at a secure heart of Alagbaka GRA, Grand Capital is beautiful, lovely, memorable and unforgetable. Seeing is believing. The staff are polite and professinal, the rates are cost-effective. When next you need to make a choice, think Grand Capital first. Precise address location is 5, Ola Akadiri Street, near INEC office/Labondy, Alagbaka, Akure.

2. Groovy Hotel Akure
Groovy is a very good hotel in Oke-Ijebu are of Akure, Ondo State. It has a very fine structure and its a place you will love too. Groovy has its strength and you will enjoy your stay. I rate Groovy number 2.
Address is Plaza Junction, Oke-Ijebu Road, Akure.

3. Convalux Hotel Akure
Convalux Hotel is located along Igbatoro road behind Alagbaka Akure. Convalux is a good hotel if you cannot afford the expensive and high quality expectations attached to more expensive hotels. I rate Convalux numbr 3.

4. Sunview Hotel Akure
Sunview Hotel has been in town for some time and may not be as new as the likes of Grand Capital, but owning to good management Sunview is still a great hotel. If you seek alternatives to Grand Capital or Groovy, you can try Sunview. Its location is Alagbaka GRA, Akure

5. Royal Birds Hotel Akure
Royal Birds has been around for some times too and its an old name in the market. It has two hotel locations - one at Ijapo and the other at Alagbaka. I will rate Royal Birds number 5.

6. Emperor Hotel Akure
Emperor Hotel is a cool place where you can also enjoy serenity. With not too many room spaces, Emperor can be a good hideout away from a busy life. Emperor is located at Adetunji Adeleye street, Alagbaka, Akure

7. Flourish Hotel Akure
Flourish is a great hotel which has been around for a long time in the heart of Alagbaka Akure. What I love most about Flourish the the politeness of the staff and the liveliness of the environment. I recommend Flourish too.

There are many other hotels which are good for accommodation not mentioned here. But based on general review and experiences, the above are the top hotels you can trust.
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